5 Delicious Arabic Foods You Must Try, There’s Tharid!

Arabia is famous for its strong taste of food because of the many spices in it. In addition to Kabuli rice, Arab has a line of delicious food that is addictive. From cakes to meat dishes, everything has a taste and aroma that is worth trying on a visit to the oil country.

Here are 5 delicious Arabic foods that are a pity to miss when you visit there.

1. Tharid

The third is a typical Arabic meat dish that has become worldwide because this dish is one of the favorites of the Prophet Muhammad. Even the Prophet Muhammad had mentioned it in a hadith.

Eaten with bread, tarid is a delicious Arabic breakfast menu. Tharid is very popular with the world community. 

2. Matzeez

Matazeez is a typical Arabic pasta with beef gravy. Pasta in matazeez is usually a flat rectangle. Matazeez sauce is made from tomatoes so that it is red but not so thick.

The taste and aroma is strong because it uses quite a lot and a variety of spices such as cumin, cardamom, ginger, and pepper. 

3. Kabsa

Kabsa is a typical Arabic food that is quite popular in the world. Similar to nasi mandi or Kabuli, kabsa uses basmati rice, chicken, and vegetables in it.

The spices used to cook kabsa are quite numerous so that the aroma of kabsa is fragrant and the taste is so strong typical of Arabia. 

4. Saleeg

Very unique, saleeg is a typical Arabic food made from rice cooked with milk and broth. Saleeg is usually served with grilled chicken, beef, or lamb and placed on top of this savory rice.

This typical Arab saleeg originates and is popular in the Taif region. Not only meat as a compliment, but there is also sambal, special salad, and ghee (butter) which is usually served with saleeg. 

5. Maamoul

Maamoul  is a small cake filled with pistachios, dates, walnuts, or almonds. This cake has a round dome shape with unique decorations around it. The decorations on this cake are made with special tools or can also be used by hand.

Maamoul cake is a favorite cross-religious treat in Arabia because maamoul is always there during religious celebrations in Arabia, whether Islam, Christianity, or Judaism. 

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