5 Tourist Attractions in Fujairah, United Arab Emirates that Makes Tired Go away

The United Arab Emirates is not just a city of Dubai or Abu Dhabi. Because here there are several beautiful cities that are also mandatory to visit, one of which is Fujairah. The city is located in the Gulf of Oman.

There are many exciting destinations to explore, from historical forts, mosques, castles, to parks here. Here are five tourist attractions in Fujairah, the United Arab Emirates that make you feel tired.

1. Al-Hayl Castle

Al-Hayl Castle is a historic building that is a landmark of this city. This castle dates back 250 years as the residence of the ruling family of Fujairah. The castle is also an important building in defending the area through regular patrols and surveillance.

2. Sheikh Zayed Mosque

The Sheikh Zayed Mosque is one of the most famous mosques in the country. This mosque is also the second-largest in the United Arab Emirates after Abu Dhabi. This mosque has a tower with a height of six hundred meters. No less amazing, this mosque is also equipped with 64 domes.

The building is dominated by granite and marble and can comfortably accommodate 28,000 worshipers. 

3. Kalba Corniche Park

Kalba Corniche Park is a large park that is popular for picnics and barbecues. This makes it an ideal place to gather with family. One of the facilities it has is an open playground for children and access to the beach. 

There are also public toilets and an easily accessible parking lot. Visitors can also find grocery stores, cafeterias, and restaurants surrounding the park.

4. Snoopy Island

Snoopy Island is a haven for visitors who love water sports as well as music festivals. The island gets its name from the uniquely shaped rock that looks like the cartoon character Snoopy lying on his back.

Snorkeling is a popular water sport here. There are beautiful coral reefs with shoals of marine life that are so stunning.

5. Al Bidyah Mosque

Al Bidyah Mosque is the oldest mosque in the country. This mosque also has another name, the Ottoman Mosque. There are several other archaeological sites around the mosque. These sites include a mosque which was named “Al Badiyah Archaeological Mosque” due to its proximity to each other.

The site also includes four watchtowers, stone walls, and the foundations of an old ruined building, as well as some rocks with petroglyphs and carvings.

This exciting tourist destination in Fujairah will certainly be effective in relieving fatigue and also refreshing the mind. Which tourist attractions are you interested in visiting?

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