A fire engulfs palm trees in the Todgha Oasis.

A fire broke out remaining Thursday nighttime in a palm grove inside the Todgha El Oulia commune (Tinghir province), destroying dozens of palm timber. Thanks to the efforts of the Civil Protection, the Royal Gendarmerie, Auxiliary Forces, and neighborhood residents, the hearth changed into extinguished with none human casualties.

The security services have launched a preliminary investigation underneath the supervision of the ready public prosecutor to decide the precise purpose of the fire. Some sources characteristic the fire to excessive temperatures and the presence of dry grass, which contributed to the speedy unfold of the flames to neighboring trees.

In related information, given the alarming heatwave warning for the beginning of next week in numerous regions, specifically inside the southeastern provinces of Morocco, environmental activists in oasis areas have issued misery calls regarding the increasing hazard of catastrophic fires if excessive temperatures are recorded.

Activists have warned that the sharp increase in temperature could lead to dozens of fires in the southeastern oases, posing an existential threat to the remaining vegetation and wildlife, which serve as the green lungs of the entire region. They called for urgent and immediate measures to be taken to respond quickly in case of fires caused by high temperatures and to aid citizens.

Jamal Ait Issa, an environmental activist in the Ziz Oasis in Errachidia province, stated that the warning about the potential for unprecedented high temperatures poses a real threat to the future of the oases and the local population in general. He added that the oases have suffered for many years from drought and water scarcity, and if there is an unprecedented rise in temperatures, it could lead to their tragic end.

In a statement to Hespress, the environmental activist said, “The oases face the possibility of dozens of fires that could destroy thousands of palm trees and other types of vegetation,” calling for “preemptive and urgent measures to protect the ecological and oasis systems in these areas that have been affected by drought for years.”

Ahmed Jabari, a human rights activist and environmentalist in Zagora province, revealed that the current situation caused by years of drought and lack of rain also threatens to displace thousands of residents who depend on these oases for their daily livelihood. He added that the possibility of high temperatures means that the oases are facing an imminent environmental and social disaster if not urgently addressed.

Jabari emphasized that the state, through the relevant sectors, is obligated to provide “Canadair” firefighting planes to the southeastern oases at the beginning of next week, to be used in case of fires in these oases extending from Guelmim to Figuig. He also stressed the need to predefine water filling points for firefighters and planes to ensure a rapid response.


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