A magazine dedicated to Islamic and Arabic studies.

A new magazine dedicated to studies on issues related to Islam and Muslims in Europe and the West has been established by the “Ijtihad Center for Studies and Training in Belgium.” This magazine focuses scientifically on various issues concerning Muslims in the West, both intellectually and culturally.

The magazine emphasizes “scientific knowledge” regarding the issues of Muslims and Muslim communities in Europe and the West, in addition to covering other religious, intellectual, social, and educational topics.

Through his leadership of this magazine and the study center, Moroccan thinker Dr. Tijani Boulaouali aims to “promote scientific and intellectual productions and generate academic knowledge on issues concerning Islam and Muslims in the West,” as he stated in an exclusive interview with Hespress. He highlighted that “the magazine adheres to the scientific methodology adopted by most scientific journals when publishing any article or scientific study.”

The professor at the University of Leuven in Belgium stated, “The dream of creating a magazine with such scientific standards has been with me for 25 years. This scientific initiative is a commitment to thinking and producing scientific knowledge about Muslims in the West. Muslims have become an integral part of European society, and the new cultural conditions require an internal approach to Islam based on authentic Islamic sources, while also engaging rationally with Western thought and culture in the postmodern era.”

A magazine dedicated to Islamic and Arabic studies

The center stated that this new journal aims to introduce “various theological, jurisprudential, ethical, philosophical, social, linguistic, and historical fields of Islam with a critical and objective methodology that stems from within the Islamic framework, while benefiting from external research achievements, especially in terms of methodology, technology, and linguistics.”

The editorial board mentioned that this initiative came “in the context of engaging with various Orientalist and contemporary studies on Islam with the aim of reviewing and evaluating the deviating ones and benefiting from their serious and qualitative results.” Its first issue was published on Monday, July 1, 2024.

The journal aims to “enrich the field of Arab and Islamic studies in Europe and the West with a different approach that focuses on the internal Islamic perspective, considering the Western civilizational and realistic context.”

The journal “Ijtihad for Islamic and Arabic Studies” also reviews scientific articles concerned with issues of Islam and Muslims in the West in general, and in Europe in particular, according to the scientific standards recognized in academic circles, with the aim of building objective scientific knowledge about Islam and Muslims, rather than perpetuating the biases and deviations associated with Orientalism.

This scientific project “examines issues that are currently of concern to the West in understanding Islam and Muslims,” through “restoring the importance of the objective Orientalist current that approached Islam with scientific impartiality and an objective spirit.”

It is worth noting that the journal includes “main fixed sections, which are: articles, chapters, critical reviews, introductory reviews, translations, and finally, dialogues.”

Regarding the first issue, it included “an editorial, twelve articles—three of which are in English, one in French, and the rest in Arabic—along with three reviews and one translation.”


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