A March Demands Improved Services in Azilal

On Monday, citizens from the Ouaridn villages in the rural community of Sidi Boulkhelf, near Demnate in the Azilal province, organized a protest march towards Kalaa Sraghna, passing through Demnate. They demanded improvements in essential services in the local community and called for the repeal of the building permit and design regulations due to the lack of necessary conditions for their effective implementation, according to statements from the protesters.

The protesters’ demands also include providing potable water, expanding the sewage network, and improving electricity supplies to meet the growing needs of the population. Additionally, they called for simplifying the procedures for obtaining building and design permits, which were described as complex and unsuitable for the local context.

In a speech by one of the protesters before the march began, it was explained that the residents of the Douars in the Boulekhlef community face significant difficulties in obtaining building permits due to complex administrative procedures, which are further complicated by the specific nature of rural property ownership.

A March Demands Improved Services in Azilal

He added that the conditions faced by the villagers have worsened due to the ongoing drought, leading to a deterioration in their living conditions and making them unable to bear additional expenses.

Mustafa Halim, a member of the Boulekhlef local council, emphasized that the protest was a result of the authorities’ imposition of building permits on those wishing to construct homes, despite many families lacking ownership documents.

In this context, Halim noted that many families have attempted to obtain building permits but have faced numerous obstacles preventing them from succeeding.

Halim expressed hope that the governor of the Azilal province would intervene to resolve this issue, which had previously sparked protests in 2009 and 2016, and has resurfaced this year.

The speaker also noted that the attempts of many individuals to secure building permits have failed due to legal and administrative complexities.

A March Demands Improved Services in Azilal

In consistent statements to Hespress, the protesters expressed their frustration with the local authorities’ interference in preventing people from building. They emphasized that the complex and costly legal procedures require additional facilitation, taking into account the unique characteristics of rural areas and their land types.

The protesters from the Iwaridn Douars also extended their heartfelt condolences to King Mohammed VI on the passing of his late mother, praying for God’s mercy upon her soul and for her to be granted a place in paradise.

It’s worth noting that citizens from the Douars in the Tazki area, on the outskirts of Demnate in the Azilal province, organized a similar protest march less than a week ago. They demanded the simplification of procedures for obtaining construction permits and the alleviation of social isolation in the region.


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