Al-Ula Date Festival’s Fourth Edition Begins, Celebrating with the Theme “Taste Our Pride”

On Friday, September 8, 2023, with great pride, the fourth edition of the Al-Ula Date Festival kicked off, bearing the slogan “Taste our Pride.” This festival is organized by the Royal Commission for Al-Ula Province, and its events are scheduled to continue every Friday and Saturday until November 11, 2023. The festival aims to provide a unique cultural experience that enhances economic development in the region.

The Al-Ula Date Festival

In turn, the Royal Commission for the Governorate of Al-Ula emphasized the significance of the Al-Ula Date Festival’s current edition as a means to promote economic growth in the agriculture sector. The journey aims to enhance the competitiveness of Al-Ula dates in local, regional, and global markets. The Commission described the festival as a gateway to market Al-Ula’s products, all within the framework of realizing Al-Ula’s vision aligned with Saudi Vision 2030. This vision aims to shed light on Saudi Arabia’s leading role in the date industry on a global scale.

The events of the Al-Ula Date Festival

According to a report published by the Saudi Arabian news agency “WAS,” the city of Al-Ula is an area with a rich history in date palm cultivation and trade. The city is known for the presence of several local varieties of dates, such as Mabroom dates, Barni dates, Halwa dates, and Majdool dates. In an effort to promote this heritage and encourage the date palm industry, the city of Al-Ula organizes its annual fourth Date Festival for the year 2023, which is divided into two main stages as follows:

  1. The First Stage:
  • Takes place in the morning period starting from September 8th to October 28th, 2023.
  • Hosts commercial auction events in the Al-Azizia district.
  • The events begin at 6:00 AM and continue until 9:00 AM.
  1. The Second Stage:
  • Occurs in the evening period and is dedicated to the date market.
  • Starts at “Al-Manshiyah Market” from October 13th to November 11th, 2023.
  • The events commence at 5:00 PM and continue until 11:00 PM.
  • This stage offers visitors and families the opportunity to meet with local farmers, producers, and artists.
  • Visitors can also enjoy various events related to consuming dishes made from different date varieties.

Through this festival, visitors have a unique opportunity to explore the date palm cultivation culture in Al-Ula and enjoy the local dates, commercial and artistic presentations, and the distinctive dishes that the region offers.

The Al-Ula dates are a prominent feature in the festivals

The convening of the fourth edition of the Al-Ula Date Festival aims to spotlight the excellence of “Al-Ula dates” within the framework of the Saudi Date Festival. This festival represents a valuable opportunity for farmers to market their distinctive and diverse date products. Furthermore, the festival serves as an important platform for farmers to participate in training sessions and workshops organized by the authority, thereby enhancing their knowledge and expertise.

Additionally, the festival offers a range of significant benefits to farmers, including:

  1. Providing the opportunity for farmers, factories, and companies to register on the “Saudi Dates Mark” platform, which is a benchmark in the date industry and is awarded to outstanding producers and companies.
  2. Selecting a specific number of farmers to participate in the fourth International Date Conference and Exhibition held in Riyadh at the end of this year. This provides them with the opportunity to introduce their products on an international scale and expand their customer base.

In summary, the Al-Ula Date Festival represents a unique opportunity for farmers to promote their products and elevate their expertise, contributing to the growth of the date industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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