Audit Bureau Heads Team to Revise INTOSAI Standards Terminology

The Steering Committee of the Professional Standards Committee of the International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI) has selected the Financial and Administrative Audit Bureau of the Kingdom of Bahrain to steer the team answerable for the initiative to revise the terminology utilized in writing the organization’s professional auditing standards. This assignment is part of the strategic improvement plan for 2023-2028.

The team consists of contributors representing sixteen nations, consisting of Australia, China, Norway, and South Africa.

Additionally, the Audit Bureau has been selected to be part of the group answerable for the feasibility look at undertaking on reclassifying INTOSAI’s foundational requirements, together with the Lima Declaration and the Mexico Declaration, inside the organization’s trendy standards framework.

This choice turned into made for the duration of the twenty fourth assembly of the committee, held lately through video convention, attended via representatives from Bahrain’s Financial and Administrative Audit Bureau, together with Ahmed Mohammed Butti, Director of Regulatory Audit, and Abrar Al-Sayegh, Audit Supervisor in the Regulatory Audit Department.

The assembly discussed the implementation of INTOSAI’s strategic development plan for 2023-2028, one of whose number one goals is the restructuring and revision of the professional auditing standards issued through the enterprise.

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