Bouhannana Presents “Sahari – Peace and Struggle”

Moroccan cinemas are preparing to welcome the feature film “Sahari – Peace and Struggle,” directed by Moroccan filmmaker Moulay Tayeb Bouhannana, following a series of international and national accolades received by the new work.

The film will be presented by Bouhannana in various Moroccan theaters starting July 5th, after a pre-premiere screening at the Palace of Congresses in Laayoune, which saw a large turnout, especially since the film is in the Hassaniya dialect.

The movie tells the story of three siblings from the city of Laayoune who are forced to make three different choices during the departure of the Spanish colonizers from the Moroccan Sahara in 1975. Hammad fiercely defends Morocco’s territorial integrity, Salka joins the Tindouf camps in Algeria, while Amr chooses neutrality and lives in the Mauritanian desert. Despite the distances separating them, their memories keep them connected, holding on to the hope of reunion.

The director of the film revealed that he aimed to explore the strength of love and the bonds of brotherhood that connect the separated siblings, and how the homeland can accommodate everyone. He added that it was very important for him that the actors playing the roles of the three siblings were from the southern provinces, so they could speak the Hassaniya dialect fluently. The general criterion for selecting all the actors involved in the work was their competence.

This artistic narrative work, which can be classified as an “auteur film,” was shot in 2020 and 2021. It was written, produced, and directed by Moulay Tayeb Bouhannana, whose family experienced a story similar to that depicted in the film.

“Sahari – Peace and Struggle” has garnered several significant awards, most notably the Best Arabic Film award at the 39th Alexandria Mediterranean Countries Film Festival and the Grand Prize at the fifth edition of the “Cinemana” International Film Festival in Oman, surpassing numerous other Arab productions.

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