Clashes result in loss of life in Tindouf

According to the digital newspaper Hespress, clashes erupted among armed gangs near the “27 February” camp in Tindouf camps final Saturday night time. These clashes resulted within the death of a younger guy named Ahmed Ould El Sued and left every other individual injured.

In latest years, the Algerian Tindouf camps, which serve as headquarters for the separatist Polisario Front, have witnessed growing safety breaches and crime rates. This situation reflects the weak authority of the Polisario and its inability to secure lives and property successfully.

The camps have formerly skilled numerous crimes and similar incidents, which includes the stabbing demise of a young child via a set of perpetrators within the Awserd camp’s Koira district. Additionally, there has been a rise in armed confrontations associated with tribal conflicts and disputes, alongside common clashes among gangs involved in smuggling gas and guns.

In the beyond, this geographical location has witnessed protests and a wave of unrest in mid-ultimate 12 months following the abduction of Polisario activist Salem Ould Mekki, also known as Ahmed El Sued, after he exposed corruption and lawlessness within the camps.



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