Exciting Family Entertainment in Egypt: Explore Tourist Attractions That Appeal to All Family Members

From the ancient pyramids of Giza to the meandering waters of the Nile, Egypt holds a prominent position on the list of distinguished tourist destinations. Its history is both diverse and rich, with the pyramids having been considered historical relics long before the Romans set foot on these lands over 2000 years ago. Over time, Egypt has witnessed a rich interplay of civilizations, where cultures have merged, and influences have intertwined.

Even in the present day, Egypt continues to reflect this diverse history through its multifaceted layers. Furthermore, Egypt stands out with a diverse array of tourist destinations that offer fantastic recreational experiences, whether you seek to enjoy its enchanting beaches or explore its cultural and historical heritage.

Ras Abu Gallum:

Abu Galoum Beach stretches along the coastline of Dahab, a picturesque coastal city in Egypt. Dahab is situated on the Sinai Peninsula, along the shores of the Red Sea. Ras Abu Galoum is considered one of the most attractive and renowned beaches in Dahab. This beach stands out with its unique and distinctive beauty, setting it apart from other commercial beaches in Egypt.

What distinguishes Abu Galoum Beach is its breathtaking natural surroundings, featuring an underwater marvel due to the presence of numerous beautiful coral reefs. Additionally, it is surrounded by mountain ranges that add an extra allure to the location. Visitors can enjoy activities such as long walks and excursions in these splendid mountainous areas.

Abu Galoum Beach is an ideal destination for enthusiasts of both marine and mountain environments, making it one of the fantastic tourist destinations to explore in Egypt.

El Gouna:

El Gouna is considered one of the most exquisite beach destinations in Egypt, stretching along the northern Red Sea coast. This beach is distinguished by its supreme elegance and the well-executed development it has undergone, offering superb amenities throughout. Undoubtedly, it is one of the well-known luxurious beach destinations on Egypt’s eastern coastline. Moreover, the dining options here are highly diverse.

Visitors can easily have a delightful time by sitting on the soft, white sands by the seaside or engaging in enjoyable water activities. Among the activities that can be pursued here are fishing, diving, and windsurfing.

Ras Um Sid:

Located in the South Sinai Governorate of the Arab Republic of Egypt, Ras Um Sid is a distinctive destination that is considered ideal for budget-conscious travelers. The site offers all the essential amenities for its visitors, along with an ample supply of sun loungers and restroom facilities along the beach to ensure the comfort of guests.

In this location, you will find a limited number of beachfront restaurants, where visitors can savor fresh Egyptian street food. Ras Um Sid is immensely popular among diving enthusiasts and sea adventure lovers, such as scuba diving and windsurfing.

Mahmya Island:

The protected island and beach offer an truly exceptional experience. Visitors can rent boats or embark on a sea voyage to explore every corner of the island, enjoying the crystal-clear blue waters and marine life. Diving in this island is an extraordinary experience, allowing one to submerge into the depths of the sea and savor breathtaking underwater views.

One can also wander around the island aboard a ferry and participate in numerous thrilling water activities, such as deep-sea diving.


Taba is one of the most delightful coastal cities in the Arab Republic of Egypt, situated on the shores of the Red Sea. This city stands out for its location on the Sinai Peninsula, boasting a unique charm characterized by a captivating mountain range, crystal-clear tranquil blue waters, and breathtaking natural landscapes.

The beach’s strategic location adds to its allure, surrounded by magnificent mountains and featuring a historic fortress dating back to ancient times in the vicinity. Additionally, there are numerous walking trails near the beach, providing opportunities for leisurely strolls.

Taba offers a plethora of enjoyable activities, including long beachside walks, windsurfing, and scuba diving to explore the enchanting underwater world.

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