Fawzi Jamal: Tough Conditions for Mouloudia

National coach Fawzi Jamal has confirmed the end of his tenure with Mouloudia Oujda Football Club following the conclusion of the last season, which saw “Sindbad of the East” relegated from the top division. The team also reached the semi-finals of the Throne Cup, narrowly losing to Raja Casablanca, the eventual champions.

Fawzi Jamal expressed his gratitude, saying, “I thank the club management for all their efforts, the players for their sacrifices during an extremely challenging season, and the club’s supporters and everyone involved with Mouloudia.”

In a statement to “Hesport,” he added, “Mouloudia is very dear to my heart as my home club, and it means a lot to me. After the season ended, I decided to leave for several reasons. The club officials asked me to continue for the next season, but that is not possible.”

Fawzi Jamal continued, “We played almost the entire season with only about 12 players. The players are well aware of the difficult conditions we faced. The team was on the verge of exiting the league from the first half of the season, but we fought until the very last moment. Unfortunately, we couldn’t secure our stay due to minor details.”

He added, “In the Throne Cup, everyone saw the heroic performance we delivered against Raja, in front of their massive crowd, despite the psychological difficulty for us as we had been relegated to the second division just days before.”

He further stated, “Against Raja, we played well and studied our opponent thoroughly, but we couldn’t make substitutions as we lacked players on the bench. In the end, I thank everyone and wish for a quick return of the Oujda team.”

Fawzi Jamal concluded by saying, “I sent the players a special summer preparation program to maintain their fitness, and I am now on vacation with my family. In the next season, I will look for a new experience.”


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