Harassment of Moroccans Involves Spanish Official

The Ibn Battuta Foundation in Spain has filed a complaint with the Barcelona Prosecutor’s Office for Hate Crimes and Discrimination, accusing Silvia Orriols, the mayor of Ripoll (Girona) and a member of the “Catalan Alliance” party, of obstructing the registration of immigrants in the municipality, particularly Moroccans.

According to the complaint, as reported by the Spanish news agency “Europa Press,” after Orriols assumed office as mayor of Ripoll in 2023, “the city council’s government team began engaging in discriminatory and xenophobic practices against immigrants, especially targeting the Moroccan and Maghreb communities.”

The foundation condemned the council for turning what should be a simple administrative procedure, such as registering in the municipal records, into what it described as an “ordeal.” This, according to the complaint, has led to unjustified delays and the involvement of local police to conduct verification checks on applicants, labeling the act as “discriminatory.”

According to the same document, this practice leaves migrants in a “state of absolute vulnerability, depriving them of their basic rights as citizens, such as access to healthcare, education for their children, and the ability to obtain residence permits for family reunification before the national court.”

The complaint emphasized that the social policy of the concerned government team specifically targets citizens of Moroccan origin, adding that “we cannot ignore the massive amount of content posted by the mayor on various social media platforms, which undoubtedly incites Islamophobia, creates an atmosphere of tension and discomfort among the citizens of Ripoll, and stirs up trouble against Moroccans, making them feel mistreated and scorned because of their origin and religion.”

aThe Ibn Battuta Foundation included in its complaint a series of screenshots of numerous tweets shared by the mayor on her official “X” account. In one of the tweets, she wrote, “You tell me our ancestors can wait a year for aid, but a migrant can’t wait three months to register?”

In a second tweet responding to the complaint, she said, “Islamic associations should look for hate crimes in mosques and leave elected officials alone,” before attacking the foundation’s officials, calling them “totalitarian.” She added, “If you hate our defense of our values and laws, go back to Morocco. Or do you think we will go back 600 years in rights and freedoms just to make you feel at home?” expressed the mayor of Ripoll.


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