Hatim Ammor criticizes artists who use their colleagues songs in their concerts.

Moroccan singer Hatim Ammor has criticized some artists for using their colleagues’ songs to perform at their concerts. Through an Instagram story, Hatim Ammor reposted a message from Moroccan comedian Omar Flaki, which read: “Many years ago, singers would perform their own songs at their concerts. Have you ever heard Abdel Halim Hafez sing ‘Betwannes Beek’, or Umm Kulthum sing ‘Ya Ana Ya Ana’, or Abdelhadi Belkhayat sing ‘Jibouli Weld Ammi’?”

He added: “Nowadays, some singers don’t have their own songs, so they end up performing songs by Jil Jilala, Cheb Bilal, Akil, and Hilalalala at their concerts. Moroccans are strong and capable.”

Hatim expressed his agreement with Omar Flaki’s remarks by adding the phrase “This man is an artist” to his post, reinforcing the comedian’s statement.

On another note, Hatim Ammor continues to enjoy the success of his new song “Mahbubi,” a collaboration with fellow Moroccan artist Saad Lamjarred.

The music video for “Mahboobi” on YouTube has garnered over 7.5 million views, ranking second in the Moroccan trending list 13 days after its release.

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