Ibtissam Tiskat: I fulfill myself through acting and singing.

Moroccan artist Ibtissam Tiskat shared that she has found her unique space for creativity in both acting and singing, despite her artistic journey beginning with musical performances and her participation in the Arab talent show “Star Academy.”

In a conversation with Hespress, Tiskat expressed that she experiences a special feeling with both acting and singing, noting that each has its own unique charm and brings her joy. This is why she strives for excellence and renewal in both fields to meet the expectations of her audience.

The “Minek Wala Meni” singer stated that the success of the duet with her brother Youssef Tiskat is due to their heartfelt effort. The song is dedicated to their mother and all mothers, and they performed it with profound emotion as siblings.

Tiskat added that her brother wrote his part of the song, while the rest was handled by lyricist Zakaria Mounki, composer Yassine Binafdoul, and DJ Med. She mentioned that it is possible they might do another duet in the future, but with a different style, following the success of their first collaboration.

Regarding her concerns about her brother facing the hidden challenges and conflicts in the artistic field, Tiskat, the singer of “Minek Wala Meni,” said that Youssef is a polite and kind person with strong energy, still carving his path in the art world. She believes that regardless of the field he chooses, he will face difficulties, and he must have the resilience to overcome them. She hopes for fair competition in the artistic arena, free from conflicts, and that people should wish for others what they wish for themselves.

Tiskat denied the claims made by her previous management about her going through a period of depression due to family issues, stating that “this is not true, and it would have been better for them to portray a positive image of her instead.” She emphasized that disagreements should not affect mutual respect and goodwill.

Speaking about her new artistic projects, the “Star Academy” alumna revealed that the summer of 2024 will be filled with numerous concerts and new musical works, including a lively summer song with dance segments. She hopes her diverse projects will always meet the expectations of her audience and fans.

Tiskat expressed that participating in the latest edition of the “Mawazine – Rhythms of the World” festival for the third time in her career is both an honor and a responsibility, as it increases the expectations placed on her. She noted that this globally recognized event has made a strong comeback after a hiatus.

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