ONCF Promotes Automated Ticket Machines

New increases in train ticket prices have sparked dissatisfaction among regular users, particularly with the rapid shuttle trains frequently used by employees commuting between their homes and major cities.

The fare for the trip between Kenitra and Rabat has risen to 20 dirhams, following a previous increase to 18 dirhams. Meanwhile, the fare for the journey between Casablanca and Rabat has remained unchanged, though some other routes have seen a minor decrease, such as a one-dirham reduction on specific trips.

According to information obtained by Hespress, these price adjustments are part of measures to alleviate congestion at ticket counters, especially during the busy summer travel season and peak times. The goal is to encourage the use of automated ticket machines, online ticket purchases, and advance digital reservations.

To this end, the National Railway Office (ONCF) announced in a summer period bulletin, received by the electronic newspaper, that new fare options have been introduced to “encourage travelers to purchase their tickets in advance at the best prices.” Additionally, “simplified fares on certain routes have been implemented to reduce queues at ticket counters.”

Among the summer offers to “discover Morocco at a preferential price” is a card costing 50 dirhams, which provides Moroccan and foreign travelers with a “30 percent discount on 10 trips for all destinations on ‘Al Boraq,’ ‘Al Atlas,’ and local trains.”

This card is expected to remain available until the end of summer, concluding in August 2024, according to the provided information.


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