Saudi Arabia’s Afforestation Experience Takes Prominence at the Kubuchi Forum in China

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia showcased its experience in afforestation and combating desertification during its participation in the Kubuqi International Desert Forum held in Ordos City, Inner Mongolia, People’s Republic of China.

The Saudi Arabian afforestation experience

In detail, a delegation from the National Center for Vegetation Development and Desertification Control, led by Dr. Khalid bin Abdullah Al-Abdulqader, participated in the activities of the International Copucci Desertification Forum for two days. During a session titled “Scientists’ Forum on Comprehensive Restoration of Mountains, Rivers, Forests, Agricultural Lands, Lakes, Meadows, and Deserts,” Engineer Ahmed Al-Anzi, the General Supervisor of “Green Saudi” studies at the center, presented a presentation on “Afforestation in Saudi Arabia to Combat Desertification.”

On the sidelines of the forum, the delegation met with several international officials to enhance cooperation and benefit from expertise in the fields of afforestation and increasing vegetation cover. The delegation also visited a number of specialized centers and institutes in this field and learned about exemplary projects that could be utilized.

Furthermore, the National Center for Vegetation Development and Desertification Control published an infographic on its official platform, “X,” revealing the results of the center’s delegation visit to the People’s Republic of China to participate in the Copucci International Desertification Forum. During this visit, several meetings, visits, and activities were conducted with the aim of strengthening cooperation and exchanging expertise in the field of vegetation development.

The Kingdom’s Hosting of the Desertification Combat Conference

During the meeting, the discussion revolved around the G20 Land Initiative, aimed at achieving neutrality in land degradation. Additionally, the preparations of the Kingdom and its ongoing efforts to host the United Nations Conference to Combat Desertification, COP16, in Riyadh next year were deliberated upon.

Furthermore, ways to enhance cooperation in satellite production and the transfer of successful experiences were also discussed with the goal of reducing drought rates and combating desertification.

Enhancing Sustainable Management

The participating delegation also met with a representative of the “WOOCAT” global network, a leading organization in the field of sustainable land management. During this meeting, discussions were held on avenues of cooperation in research and studies and how to leverage them to enhance sustainable land management. Furthermore, best practices were exchanged in the areas of land degradation, biodiversity, and capacity development.

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