Saudi Southern Region’s Trade: 69% Growth in the Arts, Entertainment, and Leisure Sector in the Asir Region

The Saudi Ministry of Commerce has announced a significant increase in the number of records for arts, entertainment, and leisure activities in the Asir region during the first half of 2023. These records have seen a growth rate of up to 69% compared to the previous year’s first half. The total number of registered commercial records in this region has reached 611.

In further detail, the ministry pointed out that the first half of 2022 witnessed the registration of 71 commercial records in this sector, while this number significantly increased in the first half of 2023 to reach 120 commercial records.

Entertainment Activities

Based on the information provided by the Saudi Press Agency “SPA,” the entertainment, arts, and leisure sector encompass a diverse range of activities, in line with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030. This promising sector includes numerous activities and fields that contribute to enhancing the quality of life, providing employment opportunities, and diversifying the economic activity. These activities include:

  1. Creative and Arts Activities: This category includes visual arts, literature, theater, music, dance, and visual arts, promoting artistic expression and creativity.
  2. Museums and Historical Buildings: These activities reflect local and global heritage and culture through exhibitions and educational content.
  3. Botanical Gardens, Zoos, and Nature Reserves: These provide opportunities to enjoy nature and preserve environmental diversity through visits to gardens and reserves featuring a variety of living organisms.
  4. Entertainment Cities and Amusement Parks: These areas offer entertainment and leisure to visitors through a wide range of games and entertainment events.
  5. Sports Clubs: They promote physical fitness and sports activities by providing various sports facilities.

This sector is considered one of the key sectors in Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 and Quality of Life Program, with a focus on achieving sustainable development, enhancing economic diversification, providing employment opportunities for citizens, and improving the lives of individuals and families overall.

The Conclusion of Asir Summer Events

The “Summer in Asir 2023” festivities concluded on August 22nd of the past year, spanning over 50 days. This season featured a plethora of diverse activities and programs aimed at attracting more tourists, both domestically and internationally, to visit the Asir region and revel in its rich heritage and captivating natural beauty.

These events also served as a significant opportunity to promote the Kingdom and showcase its tourist allure on the global stage. Let us not forget the substantial role this grand season played in bolstering domestic tourism and enhancing its economic and social prominence as a leading sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Tourism effectively contributes to improving the quality of life for citizens and residents, stimulating the national economy, and creating new employment opportunities for Saudi youth.

Activating Tourist Destinations

“The Asir Summer Season 2023” aims to enhance business opportunities for small and medium-sized companies in the tourism and entertainment sector. More than 15 diverse tourist and entertainment destinations will be activated, including music concerts, adventurous sports activities, cultural events, and natural parks, catering to all segments of the community. Additionally, over 700 seasonal jobs will be provided to welcome and serve visitors to the region. This initiative aims to boost the local economy and enhance the visitor experience during the summer season in the Asir region.

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