The Eastern Region Council postpones the July session.

Members of the Eastern Region Council unanimously agreed today, Monday, at the council’s headquarters, to postpone the regular session scheduled for July 2024 until the election of a new president to succeed Abdennabi Bayouti, who is detained in Casablanca due to his involvement in the “Escobar of the Sahara” case. With the presence of the Governor of the Eastern Region, Mouad Al Jamaï, Mohammed Meknifi, appointed as the session’s president in his seniority, proposed “postponing the discussion on the agenda items until the election of a new president and bureau.” He further stated, “The new president, along with his new bureau members, will convene the next session.”

Meknifi emphasized the current circumstances in the region following the vacancy in the presidency, urging comprehensive efforts to ensure success in this critical phase through seriousness, responsibility, and prioritizing the region’s supreme interests. He underscored the importance of moving beyond self-interest, narrow selfishness, and advocating for the region’s residents, highlighting the achievements of the previous office in implementing regional programs.

The agenda of the regular session for July 2022 of the Eastern Region Council includes 22 items focused on studying and approving projects related to tourism, investment support, strengthening cooperation and partnership with African regions, establishing industrial units, and supporting income-generating activities for vulnerable women and persons with disabilities across the region’s provinces.

It’s worth noting that today, Monday, at approximately half past four in the afternoon, marks the deadline for submitting nominations for the position of President of the Eastern Region Council, as announced by the Governor of the Eastern Region, Mouad Al Jamaï, last Thursday.

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