The gendarmerie intercepts a drug shipment in Guelmim.

The Guelmim Royal Gendarmerie Judicial Center successfully apprehended the driver of a utility vehicle carrying approximately 20 kilograms of hashish. This interception occurred on National Road No. 1 at the level of “Zrioula” village, within the territorial commune of Asrir.

The drug seizure was based on precise information received by the Guelmim Royal Gendarmerie Judicial Center. A search of the vehicle, which was coming from Agadir and loaded with watermelons, revealed the carefully concealed drugs.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office ordered the driver to be placed under theoretical custody for the ongoing investigation by the Guelmim Royal Gendarmerie. This investigation aims to uncover the source and destination of the drug shipment, as well as any potential connections to the case.


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