From an anthropological point of view, the cuisine of a region is equally important for understanding its culture and architecture, national costumes, and traditions. Therefore, trying Arabic cuisine is an important aspect of any visit to the Middle East.

The food is plentiful and there are many different delicious choices that can appeal to every palette. Traditionally, these are shared dishes, which is good news because it gives visitors the opportunity to order as many dishes as possible and try some things.


There is a lot of controversy about the true source of hummus. Is it Israeli, Greek, or Arabic? Although the answer is not yet clear, there is no doubt that this is the main course of Arab cuisine, and hummus is essential for everyone who wants to better understand the cuisine of the region. This simple dish is made with chickpeas, tahini, garlic, and lemon, and it is very delicious. It’s best to order the hummus with pita bread, it’s really an appetizer!


This delicious bread salad is the traditional flavor of Levantine cuisine and is common in Arab countries such as Lebanon and Syria. Fattoush is made from mixed vegetables and small pieces of fried Arabic bread, which has a certain degree of crunchiness. It usually also includes pomegranate. This is another delicious salad to share with others, making the dining experience a way for people to get together and taste mouth-watering cuisine.


Like hummus and fat people, Taborkh is an ordinary labyrinth in the Arab world. Mezze is a useful word that visitors can find in the menus of Arabic restaurants. It means a small meal that can be shared at the beginning of several dishes-or an appetizer. The salad is made of parsley, mint, onion, tomatoes, bulgur, lemon juice, olive oil, black pepper and salt. This is a very simple dish, but it has a unique flavor, which will surely delight those who try Arabic cuisine for the first time.


Lamb is the staple food in Arab cuisine and is a common traditional dish on commemorative occasions such as Eid al-Fitr. Mansaf is a traditional dish in Arab countries such as Palestine and Jordan. This dish is basically made with lamb, yogurt and rice. Especially for visitors to Jordan, this is a must-try because it may be the most popular food in the country. For those who don’t particularly like mansaf, trying any other dish with lamb is an important part of indulging in Arabic cuisine.

Red ata

It will definitely appeal to people of all tastes and nationalities-after all, who doesn’t like potatoes? This traditional Lebanese dish is also called spicy potatoes, which can almost describe what it is. Sweet potato potatoes are potatoes made with red pepper, garlic, olive oil, coriander, and chili. This is a simple but magical recipe that can create delicious dishes and drool. Moving to French fries, batata harra may just be the best potato dish in the world.


Levantine cuisine is widely known all over the world. Ask people all over the world about Arabic cuisine, and the first thing that comes to mind may be Kibe. This is a favorite of Middle Eastern tourists and can be made with different types of meat, although it is more common with ground beef, onions, and bulgur. The ingredients are mixed and deep-fried to make an incredibly delicious veal cake. Less common in the world, but equally delicious is the original kibbeh, which has the same

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