The sole candidate to succeed Naciri in Casablanca

Abdelkader Boudraa, a member of the Authenticity and Modernity Party (PAM), has been the sole candidate to succeed President Saïd Naciri in leading the Casablanca Prefectural Council. Al-Nasser is currently suspended pending investigation.

The deadline for submitting nominations for the presidency of the prefectural council ended today at 4:30 PM. There is ongoing debate among council members about the need for changes in the executive office and committees, advocating for giving opportunities to other members to manage during the remaining period of the interim term.

According to sources from Hespress electronic newspaper, some elected officials have expressed their desire to run for membership in the office and committees, rejecting the preservation of the previous lineup. These sources also indicate that a group of elected officials are considering presenting a list for voting, potentially opposing the list to be presented by the new president. They emphasize the importance of restructuring the council and allowing opportunities for members from other parties to participate in management, injecting new blood into the council’s office.

The leadership of the Authenticity and Modernity Party decided to endorse candidacy for the elections of the Casablanca Prefectural Council to succeed Abdulkader Boudraa, who serves as deputy president of the Hay Hassani district. The Wilaya of Casablanca-Settat has announced the opening of nominations for the presidency of the Casablanca Prefectural Council, based on Minister of Interior’s Decision No. 20 dated June 25, 2024, which acknowledges the cessation of Said Naciri’s duties as president of the Casablanca Prefectural Council.


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