Water supply in Sidi Bennour will be cut off for 12 hours daily.

This summer, the Sidi Bennour region in the Casablanca-Settat area, along with other cities and villages in the El Jadida region, is experiencing continuous water outages, sometimes lasting more than a day, along with a decline in water quality.

Civilians have informed Hespress about these “frequent outages,” leading residents to “purchase bottled water because tap water has become undrinkable due to a strong odor.” This issue has been documented by the online newspaper, which noted numerous posts with photos and videos on local Facebook pages.

According to citizens who spoke with Hespress, the water “often gets cut off, especially after midnight, and the flow decreases in ground-level homes, while it completely stops in the upper floors of buildings.”

In Sidi Bennour, there has also been a “change in water color,” and the frequent outages have driven some residents to extract water from wells or purchase bottled water specifically for drinking.

Hespress contacted the Independent Community Agency for Water and Electricity Distribution in El Jadida and Sidi Bennour and was informed of a meeting today, Thursday, resulting in the announcement that water supply will be cut off daily from 8 PM to 8 AM across all municipalities in Sidi Bennour.

While the previous justification for the cuts was the “decrease in water levels in the main lower canal,” the agency stated that this new measure is due to the “water emergency caused by climate change and reduced rainfall, which significantly affected the water table and reservoir levels.” The agency urged the public to “protect and value water resources, adhere to rational consumption, and adopt best practices in water resource management.”

This new decision by the water distribution agency affects Sidi Bennour, Zemamra, Ghenadra, Atatara, Moshrek, Oulad Sbita, Gharbia, and Oualidia.

Hespress attempted to seek additional explanations for the outages and the state of drinking water in the Sidi Bennour region. However, the head of the Sidi Bennour delegation questioned the source of the newspaper’s information and requested that they contact the communication and customer relations center of the Independent Community Agency for Water and Electricity Distribution in El Jadida and Sidi Bennour, which Hespress had already done.


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